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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sotong Goreng Kunyit


Tetibe teringin nak makan sotong goreng kunyit. Yumms!! 
 Refer here for the recipe.. 

Yummy yummy! Dgn tambahan tomato utk rasa masam2 sikit..

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kangkung & Kacang Botor

Salam all...

Ok, this would be my second experiment with them seeds. This time it was kangkung & kacang botor. I planted them on 15/5/2014. These were the results: 

Kangkung 20/5/2014

 Kacang Botor 20/5/2015. hmm macam tak menjadi jer... 

Time to move the kangkung to the vegetable bed , 24/5/2014

Sara helping out...

Some of the vegetables that have been moved from pots to the vegetable bed; Kangkung, Kunyit & Selaseh

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lined Pouches & Casings

Salam to all..
These are some of the pouches & casings that i made while we were in the US. And i had nothing better to do. Haha. 
Question now is, what should i do with it? 
Will probably just give out to friends/family as gifts. 

Number 1
Uuuu i so love this fabric! Its Cath Kidston. Bought it in London during Christmas sale.
 This pouch is for a Samsung Note 2. 
As u can see, can also fit an Iphone. Up to u.. hehe

Number 2

This is a multipurpose pouch. Can act as a passport cover/wallet/phone casing.. 

Number 3
Same pouch in different mix of fabrics..

Number 3

Number 4 

This is extra special coz i made it with a cover + suffolk puff on it

 Number 5

Another set of Cath Kidston fabric..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Vegetable Garden

Salam all... Halu! Halu!

It's girls' day out today. Just me & Sara. We went to Ace Hardware *again* today to shop for our gardening stuff. Oh yes, OURS, coz Sara is also hooked to gardening now. Just like mummy... Hehe.

But it's good you know. Teach them young. At least they're learning something while at it & acts as one of the avenues to channel their energy. 

*Budak2..kan x reti nak duduk diam. Huhu..fening.. fening..*

So, like i said. This is a good activity for them. Try it :)

Raring to go!

We got some top soil & compost for the new garden bed

Some bricks. But this was just from the local hardware store, not Ace Hardware. 
I've cleared the sod to make way for a new vegetable garden. Almost done now.
There's my pandan leaves, serai & pokok limau. 

Looks like things are progressing nicely. Slowly but surely more wonderful organic things to come! 
Insya Allah... :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pokok Bayam ku...

Salam all... Heee excitednye nak citer pasal pokok bayam ni. Since this is my first experiment planting from seeds. Masa dah hujung2 pregnancy aritu la alkisahnye.. yela, kan dah xleh buat kerja berat2. Maka activity gardening adalah yang paling sesuai. Before this mmg dah ade herbal garden kat rumah, tapi semua pokok2 tu beli kat sg buloh. Pokok limau..cili, rosemary, basil, mint, etc..And mother in law yang handle kan. I x reti langsung sebenarnya..

Ntah mcm mane terbukak hati nak try sendiri pulak. 

Mula2 pergi beli brg2 yang diperlukan kat ACE Hardware. Tanah, baja, peat pot, & biji benih. Masa tu beli bayam & kangkung. Tapi tanam bayam je dulu sbb x nak la too ambitious kan..
(tu pun baca2 kat blogs kawan2 dulu carik tips mcm mana nak tanam). This is one example: 

haa...tgk tu bersepah2. Ni gara2 campak je semua benih kat dalam tu

Tada... after 3 weeks kot

Lepas selamat bersalin je tgk2 daun bayam dah gemok2..!!

Daun kunyit pun baru nak bercambah..

My in laws dtg selamatkan keadaan. Pokok bayam tu boleh di asing2kan lagi.  For optimum growth katanye...

Haa.. mcm tu... 

Musim menuai! yum yum!! Tq Mak & Abah :)

Fresh from the garden!

Masak simple2 je. Yang penting sedap!!

For now, dah 2 kali dah bayam ni di tuai & di masak & selamat di makan. Hehe..
Apelagi bertambah cergas lah activity gardening sekarang ni!! Nak try tanam kacang botor & bendi pulak. Batas herbal garden pun in progress skrg ni. Nanti kita update lagi ekk....
Stay tuned for more updates :)