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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabric Painting Class


Hi all! I learned something new this week. I've always loved drawing, sketching & painting. So i guess this is sort of the same thing, but using fabric as the medium.

My sis-in-law was so kind to give us, a bunch of ladies, a free lesson. Thx sis! ;)

I love it. Just like painting, it is very therapeutic for one's soul.

The student..

The sifu & the student..

Trace the pattern...
Oranges done

Leaves done

Yeah!! My masterpiece. Hehehe... ;p

Question now, what do i do with it? Quilt it? Cushion it? Bag it? Whaddayathink?

Maroon 5 in Malaysia!!

Date Night With Hubby

Salam everybody..

Yeay!! So our target to go to at least one concert for every quarter seemed achievable. We always believe that in marriage we mustn't be complacent, try to keep the relationship lively & exciting.

And this is how we do it. We have fun :)

Next concert: targeting David Guetta & J.Lo.

Here they come!!

The concert was superb!! Hope to catch them again soon. 

Swimming Lesson


I don't know whether i should be happy or sad. Maybe a lil bit of both at the same time. Huhuu

My princess is growing up fast. It feels like she's turning 1 in a blink of an eye!

She loves water and is really into swimming. Maybe because i introduced her some of the swimming techniques at an early age. Probably when she was about 4mo. I was vey much inspired by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar :) I am a swimmer, so it is only natural that i would also want my children to become one.

I think it partly contributes in developing a healthy & confident baby.

Sara can hold her breath now, but have yet to submerge underwater. Slowly but surely. We'll get there. Slowly but surely... :)

Meanwhile, here are some of the lessons that i've applied.

Maternity Blouse

Special project for my lovely cuzz!

Salam ladies. My cousin Shireen, is now almost 5 months pregnant. Well when i was pregnant she was always there for me. She even threw me a surprised baby shower.

So i was very glad when she asked me to make her a maternity dress. I could also polish on my sewing skills. Hahah.

This is still a WIP. Hope it will turn out good. :)

Oh btw i got the inspiration for this project from this grecian maternity dress 

Monday, September 10, 2012


A Compliment from Hatta Dolmat :)

Salam to all. Halu..Halu..!!
What a wonderful Monday, dont you think? Well to me at least after having spent a wonderful evening at Tropicana Golf & Country Club yesterday. Ade Raya Oh Yeah bersama Yuna!!

Punye lah excited nak pergi, tapi xtau nak pakai baju ape. Aunty Anum kata pakai baju raya. Erm... Got me thinking, nak buat baju baru lah. So on wesnesday, i started designing, cutting, & sewing my masterpiece. Chewahhh!! Mentang2 ade new sewing machine.

Anyhow, the event itself was fun! (More stories on that on another entry yah!)

For today, im still over d moon for the fact that a designer, an ACTUAL DESIGNER complimented my baju.

"Cantik baju u..." -Hatta Dolmat

Hihihihihihi....seminggu pun tak habis kembang mcm ni. Tq for making my week Hatta! :)