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Friday, August 31, 2012

Kuah Kacang Berdaging

Peanut Sauce with Meat

Salam to all. 

I had decided to cook this peanut sauce as one of my Raya dishes since i love to eat it with ketupat. I stumbled upon this recipe from youtube. 
Turned out to be a really good one! Easy, step-by-step guidance, and the taste is delicious! I can guarantee you that. 

Don't be intimidated by the various ingredients.. hehe

Fry the prepared chilli paste
Add tamarind juice..
..tumeric powder..
..dried shrimps..
..half of coconut milk (i substituted it with fresh milk)..
..1 cup of water..

Ready to be frozen

That's it! 
I know..i know..the preparation can be quite tedious,but it's so worth it guys! 

Anymore yummilicious recipe for Raya? Do share them out yah! :)

DIY Baju Kurung #2

Baju Kurung for My 10 Months Old Baby

Salam. Hi all.. This is not a tutorial. I repeat, this is not a tutorial. 
**Refer my earlier post on DIY Baju Kurung**
This is merely my excitement upon successfully finishing up another baju for my princess. Hehe..jgn marah..

Ok mommy! Im ready for Raya!! :)

Oh, the joy of sewing..I forgot how much fun it is. Now that im back 'in the zone', be prepared for more sewing updates k!

Fruit Cocktail Pudding

My Favourite...!!
among others... hehe..

Ola!! Salam ladies.. :)

This is one easy recipe that i got from Kak Yatie . The only thing is, i cut down 1/2 of the sugar measurement for the pudding and i skipped the eggs. (just my preference)

Other than that, this is one great express dessert particularly to be served in our hot weather :) Yummehhh!

Sorry lah gambar tak cantik menarik tertariks.. Sebab fikir nak makan je time ni.
Nak gambar cantik silalah click pada link Kak Yatie ok..

Ok, happy experimenting uollss! ;p

Pillowcase Dress

First Dress Attempt

Not bad lah... ;p

Salam.. Hi all. For this pillowcase dress, i learned it from this youtube tutorial. 

These are my fabrics. Decided to make my own bias binding as follows...

Oh, as you can see, at the last minute i had to put in elastics on the armholes. Apparently the hole is too big for Sara. Oh well..this is what we call trial & error. 
So, give it a try ladies. And don't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are good. They make you learn better & faster! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Princess' New Ride

Halford Fliplite Stroller

Salam Aidilfitri to all.. May this year's raya celebration has been filled with wonderful memories & barakah for each and everyone of us. Ameeen... :)

So, to kickstart this sombre page, i just wanna share something light today. New ride for my princess! Stroller/Push chair ni sebenarnye 'terbeli' lepas 'ter' influenced by my friend. Hehe..
Sara has got one Bugaboo Bee since she was born. But i find it a bit bulky & tak sesuai sangat utk di angkut berjalan2.. al maklum lah mak bapak Sara ni kaki jalan kan...

This Halford Fliplite is totally value for money. Retailing at RM399, i got it from my buddy Iza from her online shop. It's light, easy to maneuver, & most importantly user-friendly!

My friend, she has 1 child & 3 strollers. I used to laughed at her. 
Now i have 1 child & 2 strollers. Errkk!!!
How about u ladies out there?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Curry Noodle @ Mee Kari


Hi all..!! :) hmm my cooking mode has been revving up lately. All i think of is what recipe should i try today. Probably it'll go off soon. Last year when i was preggy i was sewing non-stop! Could this mean that no.2 is coming soon..??!??

Naaaahhh don't think so. 

AAAAAaaanyhowww, since ade mood nak memasak ni, kita layan kan je lah. Masak sendiri, hubby pun happy. Hehehe...

Today i'll be sharing with you this Curry Noodle recipe from Kak Jee.  Go check her out yah. 

Sous chef.. sebok jugak nak tolong mummy..

The ingredients..cili boh, santan, tauhu kering, ayam, serbuk kari,kerang, bahan2 ditumbuk (buah keras, bawang putih, belacan), serai, and....mee kuning of course. 
Tumis bahan2 yg dah ditumbuk

Masukkan serai, cili,serbuk kari
Masukkan sedikit air

Masukkan ayam (bite size)
Tambah air lagi (ikut suka nak kuah byk mana)
Dah menggelegak, masukkan santan

Masukkan tauhu kering
TADA.....!!! Done! :)

Boleh la dimakan dengan mee, berserta kerang (celur sikit) & garnish lain2 seperti daun pudina ke...tauge ke.. okeh!

Kalau ade resipi mee kari yg sedap2 lagi tolonglah share ek... tenkiuuu..:)