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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Trip to Jakel Shah Alam

Shopping for Baju Raya

Salam.. Hi ladies!

This is actually one unplanned entry. But since the trip was so 'fruitful', decided that it would be fun to share the experience with all of u. Hehehe ;)

Ok, firstly, the place is situated in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.
*yang saya memang fail! Hence went with sis&mother in law*
The mission was clear: fabric hunting for this coming Hari Raya.

Trust me, upon setting foot in the store, u'll be in awe with the variety of their fabrics. I normally go to Gulatis for fabrics coz i always thought Jakel was more pricey. Boy was i wrong!!

I think it has 5 levels. I think. I strongly suggest level 1&2 where all the cotton & mid-range fabrics are. And their cotton collection is A LOT!! Japanese cotton, italian cotton, english cotton, just name it. Level 3 is where you can find materials for curtains, bedsheet & such. Level 4 is mostly for wedding apparels (lace etc). While level 4 is where all the high end materials are (pure silk) etc.
In the end each of us managed to get at least a pair for our Raya outfit. Yayy!! Now, time to head to the tailors!

Ps:/ When we were there the sale was still on,which again im not sure for how long. So hurry, go check them out!

I came - I saw - I conquered
Sleep my darling....  sleeep... so mommy can shop in peace. Nyiahahaha
"Hmm.. that kain is nice..shall i stop now, or shall i continue.."
"Budak berdua ni bila la nak habis gamaknye.." ehehee sorry Mak..
"Adehh..!! nak patah pinggang!"
Yess..!! Conquered we did!!
Mine! All mine!! ;p (well actually mine, hubby's & of course the princess')

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