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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maher Zain Concert

Stadium Merdeka, 16 June 2012, 8pm

Salam... this is pretty self-explanatory. so, enjoy! :)
Ecececehh..posing sket..
Opening Act1: Raef
Opening Act2: Irfan Makki
Yay!! Its MZ ya'll.. 
Boleh tahan jugak penangan MZ nih!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung Tutorial


Hi all. Hope u are all doing well. Guess what, Ramadhan is just around the corner. I guess people are also starting to look into Hari Raya preparations, especially on Raya outfits. Well, same here! :) 

Since I've kicked start my sewing recently, hence a project for my princess is a MUST. hehe
To start off..... a very simple baju kurung. Here's a tutorial if u feel like sewing one for yourself. This is the first part, which is the top. The skirt will follow suit. 

Step 1: prepare the pattern; 
bodyx1, sleevesx2, kekekx2, pesakx4

Step 2: Sew the pieces together; pesak + kekek + sleeves

Step 3: prepare the neck interfacing 

Pin in on the centre of 'body' at the marked notch

Sew on the dotted red line

Remove the 'neckhole'

Step 4 : Finishing up 
Sew the 'body' & the pieces in step 2

TADA..!! Almost finish..

Ok, hope this is helpful & inspired u to do some DIY baju kurung.. :)
The 2nd part will come up soon yah! Promise!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tokyo: Faces & Fashion

Craving for Cosplay !

Well, as the title goes, i was really anxious to witness this unique Japan phenomena. However, only managed to catch glimpses of it coz erm.... basically wrong timing. Most of theses youngsters will normally be at Takeshita-Dori on Sunday morning/noon. But we went there in the evening, so i guess we only saw the saki baki of it. Hahaha.. ;p

Anyhow, Japanese people are indeed very interesting. They are very very very hardworking, dedicated, disciplined and systematic. Regardless of what their job entails, from top rank executives to security guards, you can really see how they put 200% effort in doing their work. And when it comes to fashions & trends, hmm i guess they apply the same thing too.  

Here are some of Tokyo street fashion that i can share with u. And also some faces & styles that intrigued me.  Hope u like it as much as i did! :)

Awww.. a cute girl in Yodobashi Akiba pushing her doll's stroller.

Another cutie pie!

During Sanja Matsuri (Three Shrine) festival in Asakusa
Sanja Matsuri at Asakusa
A little participant of Sanja Matsuri festival
In Asakusa
Cosplay in Takeshita-Dori

Sales promoter in Takeshita-Dori

A sketch artist by the roadside

In Cat Street

Some random guy with outstanding outfit

Cosplay in Shibuya Crossinig
** erggh i hate my jumper here :( **

Makcik2 stylo 

To be continued.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Love Henna Paste

Tube Henna

Salam. Hi all!

This is definitely one of my favourite past-time. DIY menicure/pedicure. I don't know about you guys, but i love wearing henna on my nails.

With the advance of time & technology, it is now readily available in paste form, sold in tubes. They come in a few brands though. You can get them from Mydin as well as many other local outlets.

Here are some of the samples and how the colour turned out to be. At first it can be a bit brownish, but give it a day or two and it'll turn to that original orangey henna colour.

Ps:/ I used two different brands here as demonstration. Notice one is not as bright as the other.
Have fun experimenting! :)